Love Under fire #2


I’m still reading this mega volume of novels. Love Under Fire, and as it says on the first picture is twenty-one novels in one book.

I first blogged about it here, and this time, I haven’t read other books in between. I haven’t needed too.

Lily’s Homecoming Under Fire by Anna Celeste Burke, was the one I mentioned in the last blog. I wasn’t sure I was going to finish it, as I found it a little confusing. I did, and quite liked it by then, although I did find having so many characters a little confusing.

I also mentioned in my last blog about this book, that Lily had a lot of positive reviews on Amazon. I went back to look and couldn’t find the book. I then did a Google Search and came up with a blog about it. So I went to the buy links and checked out iTunes, Barnes and Nobel, and Kobo. It had gone. So as of the time of me writing it looks likes it has been pulled.

It is still on Goodreads, along with several reviews, so it did exist, honestly!! However, despite that, I shall continue with my review of the book. And more importantly, it looks like each of the novels are now available separately.

Karen’s Book Buzz Review

Having read the five novels from this book, I would still recommend it, if you can find a copy.

I finished Lily’s Homecoming Under Fire and it’s a good tale full of twists and turns. Personally I found it a little confusing with so many different characters. I had to keep going back to check who was who. Perhaps, though, it’s just me, because the storyline was all there and I’m sure you will enjoy it.

Next one was The Turning, and it said Book 1. I’m not a lover of series, that’s just me as a book blogger and writer, I always have a long reading list. As I reader, and previous to me doing this, I loved book series. Now I don’t want to start a book that may leave me hanging and feeling the need to have to buy a second one to find out what happened. So I left that one.

Next up was Margaret Daly’s Monster in My Closet. I really enjoyed this one. It was a simple storyline with not many characters. Girl has a secret, reader tries to guess from clues. Girl meets boy, romance blossoms. Love never runs smoothly with twists and turns before the end. It’s the second book I’ve read from this author and I like her nice easy style of writing. There was plenty of intrigue to keep me guessing and I whizzed through it because I literally couldn’t put it down, always wanting to know what happens next.

That story was a hard act to follow, as I turned the page to Two Hearts Under Fire by Tamara Ferguson. I’ve never read this author, but knew her name. She constantly tweets – in fact, she tweets one of my books regularly. When I changed the cover, I contacted her, thanked her for retweeting, and asked if she would change the it. She never did. I asked her again and then came to the conclusion she doesn’t do Twitter, it’s just one of those platforms that continually roll out tweets with no human intervention!

I’ve seen her name around Facebook too, so it was interesting to see what she writes. I was quite shocked. I’ve never seen such a prolific writer. She has loads of books and series. Wow! And if all of are of this calibre, she probably has a big following.

This was a great all action story that started out in Iraq with a soldier in combat. He then has to go on the run when he returns to the US, and takes a woman with him. Their romance, the twists, and the action made this another great read.

All in all, I’m really enjoying this book, and will continue with the next story, Running Horses by Suzanne Jenkins.

So no buy links today. After I’ve read some more stories, I will report back and perhaps by then Love Under Fire may make another reappearance. I hope so, anyway.

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Karen loves fiction, reading and especially writing short stories and novels. She is also an avid blogger and book reviewer. Living on the beautiful Isle Anglesey, off the North Wales coast, Karen draws inspiration from the world around her.

2 thoughts on “Love Under fire #2

  1. Thank you so much Karen, I’m really happy you are enjoying the Love Under Fire Set. I loved being a part of it. The set isn’t available for purchase anywhere and won’t be ever again unfortunately. This was a limited time set so if you missed buying it, there’s no getting it now. Having said that, all of the stories included in the set have been published by each author, so they can be purchased still. Just not together as a set.
    Again, thank you so much!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We are lucky to have it in that case. Shame after all the work that went into putting it together.
      I shall still carry on with my reviews. I’ve also added them to Goodreads where I can.


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