Chaining Daisy

“Chaining Daisy is a sweeping rollercoaster of a read that will literally rip your beating heart from your chest. Book two in the Perennials Trilogy and the sequel to Becoming Lili, it is available to pre-order from Amazon.”

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“Life is never simple. It can be amazing, full of endless wonderful possibilities, or it can be cruel, arbitrarily punishing the innocent with callous misfortune. For a novel that reflects life in all its guises, Chaining Daisy is an epic, sweeping rollercoaster of a read that will make you laugh and cry at every turn of the page. It will tear your heart from your chest and lift your spirits to the skies, and give you all the right feels in all the right places.

Launch Date;  11th September in paperback, eBook and free to read on Kindle Unlimited. Available now to pre-order from Amazon.”

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If someone breaks, can they ever truly be put back together?

Book Two in the Perennials Trilogy, Chaining Daisy continues the story begun in Becoming Lili. Now adults coping with relationships, marriage and parenthood, Lili and her friends have no idea of the dark days to come.

Desperate for a baby, Daisy feels the chains of expectation tighten as her failure to conceive places an unbearable strain on her marriage, threatening to stretch her husband’s patience to breaking point.

Kevin also has problems as his feelings grow for his mysterious Ukrainian cleaner. But Kateryna is a woman with a tragic past and a secret – a secret which will change everything.

Chaining Daisy is a magnificent, sweeping story of life in all its harsh, beautiful wonder, and is a tale that will wrench at your heart and hold you spellbound until the very last page.

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Becoming Lili Book One


Never has an ugly duckling turned into such a beautiful swan…Book One in the Perennials Trilogy, Becoming Lili tells the story of an ugly duckling girl, Phyllis. Bullied viciously at school and unloved at home, Phyllis is a lonely teenager longing for so much more from life.Suddenly, a tragedy and a random encounter with a stranger offer her to chance to have it all… if only she has the courage to change, to grasp the opportunity with both hands.In the years that follow, her dreams of attaining friends and beauty are realised and others join her on her journey to Becoming Lili. But then she meets Jake, and Lili finally realises that even when you seem to have it all, sometimes the one thing you want, is the one thing you just can’t have.Becoming Lili is an epic, heart-warming tale of aspiration, friendship and love, set against the backdrop of the vibrant 1990’s, and is packed full of unforgettable characters you will instantly fall in love with.

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I love Julia Blakes books as they are mixed genres and I’ve read quite a few of them.

Lost and Found


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