Portraits of Dread

Genre: Horror/Supernatural

Book Description

Portraits of Dread is a collection of 12creepy short stories ranging from horror to the supernatural and include:

Mother Called Today
A woman becomes more terrified by her mother’s constant telephone calls.

Speaking of Death

A Ghost talks about his death and why we should be all be frightened of the afterlife.

The Little Man on Top of the Wardrobe

4 year old James becomes convinced that something evil is living on top of his wardrobe.

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Lucinda Mallows visits a group of gypsies camping out at the edge of town. The townsfolk are suspicious of the new arrivals but Lucinda is determined to show a friendly face by bringing them some baked goods. While she is there she is warned of an approaching unkown danger coming for her…..

There was a soul wrenching scream.

The figure that reached the door was a mass of flame and smoke. Lucinda saw the face, wide eyed with terror and pain as the balaclava melted and stuck to his face. Kisses of hungry flames engulfed his eyeballs until theyy sizzled and popped. The blind figure staggered away from the doorway, flailing his arms like a fiery windmill in a futile attempt to snuff out the flames.

An indescribable incandesence, like a supernova, consumed the figure. The unearthly brighness obiterated all his features.

About the Author

Michael J.Eliott is an Australian writer living in Victoria. He has been writing dark stories since his early school days. In High School and College he majored in Media Studies
both writing and directing short films, videos and radio ads. He has previously written a comedy sketch for Australian television.

Michael is currently working on the prequel to his well regarded short story Mr Westacott’s Christmas, In his spare time Michael enjoys reading, drawing, Golden Age Hollywood movies and music from the 60’s 70’s and 80’s.

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Published by Kazzmoss

Karen loves fiction, reading and especially writing short stories and novels. She is also an avid blogger and book reviewer. Living on the beautiful Isle Anglesey, off the North Wales coast, Karen draws inspiration from the world around her.

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