Always Darkest is Free

Yes, Always Darkes is free to download –  1st – 5th August Description Book 1 of the Arbitratus Trilogy Ronoven, a demon dreaming of an escape from Hell, finds an excuse for an extended vacation on Earth, where he pretends to be a young drifter called Ben. Everything is going great – until he meetsContinue reading “Always Darkest is Free”

Author Interview, About a Book – Rick Stepp- Bolling

Rick Stepp-Bolling Patchman Description A prophecy declares a small child will decide the victory between two countries paralyzed by war… An old man sells magical patches on the ruined streets of Hagra-Dis when a small, one-armed girl begs him to fix her doll. An Imperial missile blast kills the little girl, Meesha, but Var patchesContinue reading “Author Interview, About a Book – Rick Stepp- Bolling”