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I am Karen J Mossman, and I review every book I read.  I’m also a blogger and ad author. You can see all my books here.

Reading is something I’ve done since I was a small child. I loved Enid Blyton’s Famous Five, and there was nothing more exciting than turning the page of a new adventure.

Although I read mainly books by Indie authors, I also read blockbusters by famous writers. Reading has to be a pleasure, and I prefer to choose the books I read according to what I fancy, so I rarely accept books to review. 

However, I do feature them under Book Blog, which you will see on the menu. I will make a nice feature for you and post it for my subscribers. Use the contact form above. The cost? It’s the price of a book. Follow this link to The Exchange for the details.

Books Cover’s make a book. It’s the first thing I see, and if I fall in love with the cover, I will look at the description. So if you are a writer, look at Michelle’s page on Facebook. She has some beautiful covers at great prices. 

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