Welcome to my book review website! I hope you find a book that will delight you. I welcome comments. So if you have read the same book as me, I would love to know what you think.

I’m an author who loves reading and I also love book covers. The front image can weave magic to a story as yet untold. If you are looking for a cover, I would like to recommend Michelle from Ebook Covers Online.

I love sharing and review every book I read, both here and on Goodreads, Amazon, and Bookbub. Click the links to follow me.

However, please note, I rarely accept books to review. Reading for me, must remain a pleasure and I like to choose what I read. There are so many excellent books out there, I am so often spoilt for choice.

Happy Reading & Thanks for Visiting!



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These are some of the books I’ve reviewed


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30 thoughts on “Home

  1. I’ve read three of Joni Martin’s books in that series. Although I enjoyed them, I did find the three person POV a little different but apart from that, excellent stories.


  2. Hello, Karen,
    I found you by way of Fiona McVie’s awesome Author Interviews blog. I enjoyed reading your interview and had to come say Hello! I am enjoying my visit here and am now following. πŸ™‚
    Please stop by anytime to both my WP blogs as they both are my passions XO…

    Recovery: https://catherinelyonaddictedtodimes.wordpress.com And I am a published author, I write, love to read and Book Promote for many authors here:


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    • Thanks For coming along Beryl. If you hit the follow button on the main page, you’ll get notified of new posts. I have actually reviewed about 7 books already, and you can find them under books featured on the menu.


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